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Yes, it’s true, Mandi paints on real feathers!!

Where does she get her feathers from?

The majority are found on her daily dog walks in the countryside, others are collected by her friends and followers. 

How long does it take to paint a feather? You may well ask “How long is a piece of string?”

Not only is each feather she works on completely unique, so is each painting she paints. You can be sure that 100% of attention to detail goes into each and every painting, along with a big dose of heart and soul.

What made Mandi choose feathers to paint on?

That’s a long story, which you can read via the button below. ….but who doesn’t love a feather???



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Real painted feather King Of The River Kingfisher

Mandi’s Brag Book

This is Mandi’s version of that little photo album that our grandmothers proudly carry about in their handbags, bursting with photos of their grandchildren. 

It contains her artworks that got the most ‘oohs and aaahhs’ at events; received most likes and shares on Facebook; were selected into juried exhibitions; sold as soon as they were finished and those very special pieces chosen by esteemed judges to win an award.

Did your favourite make the cut?

Ink Art Portfolio

The Feather Lady Finds Ink….

Thinking she’d ordered a bottle of acrylic ink, Mandi had actually bought alcohol ink by mistake. Intrigued by this medium she hadn’t come across before, Mandi did some experimenting to find out what it was capable of….Suddenly birds began to reappear in her paintings….bright, fluid, colourful birds with a hint of abstract!!!  Working loosely in ink was so much fun –  Here are some of her first attempts – hoping you like them…because there will be lots more to come – and don’t worry, there will be more feathers too…!!!


Imagine having a one-of-a-kind, beautiful feather painted just for you.

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