When I titled this original painting, I was thinking of the gorgeous light that happens in the hour after sunset, before the darkness of night closes in. In photography terms, this is known as ‘The Golden Hour’ and I’d imagined this owl making good use of that light for hunting. At an exhibition preview, I recently sold a copy of this print ‘In The Golden Hour’  to a lovely lady who is a midwife.

In midwifery terms, she told me that ‘The Golden Hour’ refers to the first hour after a baby’s birth when it is the midwife’s role to protect the new mum and baby. This is a very special time for both the midwife and the newly bonding parent and child, and thanks to this lovely anecdote, this piece has an extra special meaning for me too!

If you have any special stories relating to owls or any other birds, I’d love to hear them.