For Auction:

Unique ‘Rainbow Barn Owl’ hand painted on 3 white feathers by ‘The Feather Lady’  (Mandi Baykaa-Murray).

Framed Rainbow Barn Owl by The Feather Lady

Rainbow Barn Owl, Framed

Rainbow Barn Owl by The Feather Lady

Rainbow Barn Owl










The feather will be framed in a made to measure box frame which measures approx 16″ x 10″.

Recommended Retail Value £395.00

All Profits from the sale of this painted feather will be donated to NHS Charities Together.

(Profits = final bid price less £40.00 to cover cost of frame and postage)


Bids will be accepted by email to The auction will run from Midday Thursday 14th May 2020,  until  8pm (20.00 hrs BST) Thursday 21st May 2020.

The highest bidder will be notified by email, to exchange bank details and a delivery address. Payment can be made by either Paypal or Bank Transfer.

The Feather will be posted via Royal Mail, Special Delivery after the payment has been received. I will provide proof that the funds have been donated to NHS Charities Together.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of the materials used (ethically sourced moulted swan feathers) this auction will be limited to the UK only. This is to avoid any potential complications with customs as ‘a feather’ is ‘an animal part’ and this can be an issue when posting to certain countries. Your understanding of this issue is much appreciated.

Good Luck! Happy Bidding.

How this came about….

We’re all experiencing the Covid 19 Lockdown in our own way. It’s been a strange time, which none of us has ever experienced before. Thoughts and feelings all over the place, some good days, some not so good….and often without rhyme or reason. A couple of weeks ago, on a Monday morning I woke up feeling a bit flat. No reason, just flat. I sat and thought about everything and realised that I was actually ok, and was in fact better off than a lot of people – in particular all the front line workers dealing with the realities of  Covid 19 on a daily basis. I felt pretty helpless. I’m an artist. I paint, its what I do. So, I thought I’d combine what I do (paint) with what I love (Owls) and incorporate our symbol of hope (the rainbow) to create my own personal tribute to those on the Covid front line. This ‘Rainbow Barn Owl’, perched on a blue heart is the resulting painting. The Colours are pretty ‘out there’ in comparison to my usual paintings, but it will always remind me of these unprecedented times and the hope towards a better future.

Meanwhile, stay safe,