I can’t believe almost a whole 12 months has passed since I began blogging! It was around this time last year I had just completed a commissioned painting of Gary and Raphael, which was to be a Christmas present so I couldn’t post the blog until he’d opened it on Christmas Day! Here I am again, on Christmas Eve in a similar situation..today I delivered my most recent commissioned painting to its new home. My client was so delighted, she almost burst into tears…RESULT!!! So, in return, I am also delighted! There is nothing like seeing the expression of joy on a client’s face – either after a photo shoot, or on completion of a finished painting – that’s what I call ‘JOB SATISFACTION’ 🙂

It’s been a busy month for photography too, with people wanting nice photos for Christmas pressies! That ‘s what I’m here for and I’m pleased to say that I already have several bookings for the New Year…I can sense a busy year ahead, especially with North Somerset Arts Week to look forward to in May!

Apart from the above-metioned painting, Christmas preparations and photo shoots have meant I’ve had little or no time to paint, so I’m going to share a couple of lovely photos from  recent shoots… I hope you enjoy these!

Bichon Frise puppyBichon Frise puppyBichon FriseLurcher puppy

Lurcher puppy, sittingLurcher puppy runningDogDogRunning dog with a stickChristmas Dog

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and productive New Year,

Mandi 😉