The last couple of days have seen the weather turn cold and my paintbrushes zing into action! Although still a bit chilly sat at my kitchen table, rugged up in thick jumpers and ugg boots, it’s been a lot warmer than outside with hail storms and almost freezing temperatures!!
With my ipod set to shuffle, I set about a new painting of a Starling, this one perched on my garden bird feeder. With the first layer complete, I felt a smile of satisfaction creep across my face as Iooked at all the vibrant colours I’d just used to create  this cheeky little character on my canvas. Who’d have thought our common garden Starlings could possibly be so colourful?? Viridian Green, Ultramarine Blue and Violet…Wow!

Starling Perched On Garden Feeder

My next task…to work into the Sunset I’d painted a week or so ago, and add the finishing touch of the Starling Murmuration. …Where to begin??? I looked back at all the photographs I’d taken that evening of the starlings at sunset, chose a couple of shots to work from that I thought I could combine to make an interesting composition within the painting. I wanted to combine the feeling of being underneath the mass of birds with the beauty of the mesmerising shapes the birds form as they prepare to roost. Deep breath… and GO! Teeny tiny dots to begin with in the far distance, building up in size as I worked towards the birds in the foreground. (or should I say impression of birds)
A 2nd little smile…. (I don’t think this photo does the painting justice – I’ll try to get a better one!)

Starlings Over Shapwick Heath @ Sunset

Just time to work a second layer on to the ‘Punk Starling’ I started last week – again, using the bold colours…fun, fun, fun!!!

Punk Starling

Having completed my sunset murmuration painting yesterday, I am already planning a new and larger version. I am pleased with my first attempt, but can see many ways to improve it…so, this morning I grabbed a much larger canvas and set to work. So far, I’ve laid out the basic composition of the foreground silhouette. Colours are yet to be refined and of course, a new murmuration pattern will be added…I’m looking forward to working on this one over the next few weeks!

1st Layer of my new sunset painting.

Speaking of sunsets…I couldn’t resist popping back to the sea wall at Kingston Seymour this evening…a low tide and half-decent sunset beckoned…my camera was calling!!! It was a bit too cloudy, but hey, we had fun!

Shipwreck Sunset

If its fine tomorrow, the Starlings just might get another visit…!
Mandi ; )